1. Photo shows signs of mold in your home AC. This condition indicate a possible contaminated Central AC system

2. A moldy Air handler unit (This one found in an rental Apt) can be from dirty coils. Dripping water is a dead give away that mold can be a problem. want to use a photo sent to me on face book but don’t know how to send it.

3. A moldy AC handler can be from hot air leaks in the actual unit usually from ac service men disassembling the unit for cleaning. Old units where the unit is mounted in attics and garages should be taped on joints to avoid hot air leaks See texted photo

4. I check all rooms for unusual air particle counts along with attic air and return air boxes. Also spot check carpets, kitchen cabinets, bathrooms and window walls for odd counts of particles in the air

5. The preliminary free mold air test gives me a good indication where to find the mold source if any.I have a degree in engineering with training in air conditioning design. It is very easy to identify problems with the AC system that can generate a source of mold. I am a State of Florida licensed general contractor with 20 years of building experience. All maintenance areas that can generate mold are easily identifiable due to my years construction experience.

6. Should a tenant need a test to prove the land lord that their is mold in the apt the initial air assessment tells me where to take the air test for the labreport. Also if a lab test is required for a real estate sale or an insurance claim the test can be taken in the area of the highest particle count to ensure accuracy.